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My cores of art works are value, chance, choice, and how to produce mind or body interactions between art works and audiences. These make my works not only displays but also media connecting different audiences and can give rise to the reflection and questions of audiences.


The inspiration for my art works comes from the reflection of people’s relationships and my surrounding environment. I would record and summarize my everyday inspiration and different thoughts in order to get new creative content, and then I would decide which form to use to reach the best effect. So my works are more like a thinking diary. Each work represents my emotions in different phases and witnesses my growing up. They are not only art creations but also my production of emotional venting. 



Master Degree

Art Business

Sotheby Institution of Arts 


Master Degree

Fine Art

Chelsea College of Arts —— University of the Arts London


Fine Art  - Painting

Wimbledon College of Arts —— University of the Arts London

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